Week 13

Red Sox 6, Astros 1
Sunday, August 10 @ Cumberland Valley High School

After scoring in double digits for 6 straight weeks, the Sox played a different type of game, flashing some leather at the Astros in a hard-fought win.

The first time these teams met this year, the Sox kept a bunch of innings alive with 2-out hits on the way to a 23-8 mercy rule win. This time, they banged out 17 hits, but couldn't put together a big inning to knock out the Astros.

The Astros pushed a run across to take an early lead, and threatened to rally for more. But shortstop Tim Wendel made a nice play on a ball deflected off the pitcher to get a force out and limit the damage. Later, he picked a line drive off his shoetops to help put out another fire. Check the video:

Tim Wendel snares a line drive up the middle.

Still later, secondbaseman Michael Plank got a good hop on a smash up the middle and flipped to Wendel to start a doubleplay, leftfielder Jerry McKeon made a tremendous running catch over his shoulder on a deep drive to left, thirdbaseman Bill Miller made a nice pickup on a shorthopped ground ball, and catcher Lance Strous snagged a popped up bunt attempt in foul ground.

The Sox went to plate hacking, with Joe Rogers drawing the team's only walk of the game. Dave Strock had 3 hits, and Wendel, Plank, McKeon, John Lindholm, Keith Humes and Matt Eckenrode each had a pair.

Mike Craig picked up the win and helped himself with an RBI. Eckenrode and Humes closed it out, with Humes bouncing off the mound to grab a foul pop for the final out.

Lance Strous drives in Jerry McKeon.

Matt Eckenrode rips a double to left.

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