Week 16

Indians 7, Red Sox 5
Sunday, September 7 @ Penbrook

The Red Sox packed a full day's worth of miscues and missed opportunities into a game that started late and ended early due to darkness, stumbling to a lackluster loss to end the regular season on a sour note.

The Sox gave away bases like Halloween candy and were too anxious at the plate, popping up 8 times in a 7 inning game. The Indians played a solid game and got a big home run late to add some insurance, and a good outing from their relief pitcher. The Sox rallied to put the tying run on base as the darkness fell, but the Indians were able to escape with the win.

The loss didn't change anything in the overall standings or playoff seedings, but it was still a disappointing way to end a successful regular season.

Matt LaBuda scoops up a grounder and fires to Joe Rogers.

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